Organic CBD For Pets: A Complete Guide

Nov 20, 2020

As CBD has become increasingly popular for people, we’ve found that a pet hemp and health blend has many amazing benefits, too! Full spectrum pet CBD oil can help your pet achieve better wellness and quality of life. This pet CBD guide will cover the basics for starting your furry friend on hemp extract!

In this guide to canna pet CBD oil, we will answer questions such as: 

  • How do you use CBD for pets? 
  • Does Proper Canna Pet work? 
  • What does organic CBD for dogs do? 
  • How much do you give them?

Most people consider their pets family and want to find products for them that keep them healthy and feeling good. Full-spectrum pet CBD oil from Proper Canna Naturals can help boost your dog or cat’s vitality with a simple daily routine. Just like with humans, a dog’s health is depending on a number of different factors. Support your dog’s wellness by making sure their care is well-rounded and overseen by a veterinarian. 


Our furry friends have an endocannabinoid system just like we do, meaning they can reap many of the same benefits from CBD. Organic CBD for pets works the same way in their body as it would ours. All mammals naturally have endo-cannabinoid receptors within their bodies. We even make small amounts of cannabinoids naturally, and these compounds are contained in a variety of different foods and plants. 

Full spectrum pet CBD oil contains a concentration of cannabinoids that helps boost your pet’s natural endocrine system. These cannabinoids bind with the receptors in the endocrine system and boost or dampen certain chemical systems throughout the body. 

You can read more about the endocrine system and endocannabinoid system in our complete guide to cannabinoids.

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Stress and Anxiety

Similar to humans, pets can experience stress and anxiety. It’s never easy to see your pet in distress, whether it’s due to other people or pets, loud noises, traveling, or anything else that could be stress inducing. Well, CBD may be able to help. Just like in humans, pet’s endocannabinoid systems work to regulate their nervous system.

When cannabinoids enter the body, such as when they are ingested through a tincture, receptors of the endocannabinoid system, such as the CB1 and CB2 receptors, are activated. They then communicate with each other to target issues within the body and maintain balance and equilibrium. 

Since many of these receptors are clustered in the nervous system and metabolic system, this can produce a calming effect for pets when it comes to nerves and behavior that is due to stress. While we can’t say CBD won’t “treat” any stress and anxiety that is caused by aggression or behavioral problems, it can work wonders in aiding relaxation and calming your pet.

Digestion Problems

Pets are bound to get an upset stomach every once in a while. Especially if you have pets like ours that eat everything in sight! If your dogs are anything like ours, they love eating little crumbs off the floor or snatching up a mysterious piece of somebody’s leftovers while out on a walk. While it’s always important to address any worrisome health concerns with your vet, CBD may be able to assist in minor digestive problems.

Some tummy issues may even be due to stress or anxiety, so CBD has the potential to help with both of these at once. It can also help reduce nausea by maintaining balance within the digestive system, just like we talked about above with the nervous system. It works to target receptors that impact normal functions such as digestion or bowel excretion. It’s not the most appealing thing to think about, but pet owners know that digestive issues can really put a damper on you and your pet’s day!

Pain Management

Minor pain issues are common in animals, especially as they age. Just like humans, pets can get everyday aches and stiffness or have problems such as joint and hip pain when they get older. Organic CBD for pets has been found to be anti-inflammatory, which may help reduce inflammation in problematic areas within your pet’s body, therefore assisting with pain and swelling. 

There are also CB1 and CB2 receptors all throughout our animals’ joints and muscles. These receptors are activated when you give your pet CBD. Much like how we talked about how these receptors work together to target issues with stress and anxiety, it is the same with pain. A recent study at Cornell found that using full spectrum hemp extract for dogs with arthritis helped to make them more comfortable and able to engage in activity.

Although it was in no way a cure for these dogs, it improved their symptoms of pain and discomfort. Whether your dog is older and having aches and pains due to aging, or is just stiff and sore after everyday exercise and play, CBD is definitely a great option for helping them recover and feel their best!


“I have a dog that is content to sleep all day after her walks, but is raring to go around the time of night that we’re winding down to go to bed. I now swear by giving her CBD right before bedtime, and have seen many of the benefits it provides.”

“I had an elderly dog who had trouble walking towards the end of her days. Giving her CBD every morning made a night-and-day difference for her movement and comfort!” 



Our products for pets all come with a recommended dosage by weight. As with any new product, it is recommended that you first check with your vet, then start with a low dosage and monitor your pet, increasing slowly as needed. You can easily incorporate CBD into your pets daily routine by adding it into their food, water, or mixing it in or adding it on top of a treat like peanut butter or biscuit. 

Use the guide below to determine how much CBD to give you pet per day. This is a starting guide, and you can adjust your dog’s dose up or down depending on the severity of their needs. 

Our 300mg Unflavored Pet CBD Oil contains 10mg per dropper. For example, if your dog is 25lbs, they would get ½ dropper, or 5mg, per day. You can give them the full dose at once, or divide between the morning and evening meals.

Weight of Pet (lbs)

Milligrams of CBD

Less than 5






















It’s also important to note that peanut butter flavored CBD oil for dogs will not cause your pet to get “high.” We have a previous blog post about why CBD doesn’t cause psychoactive effects in people, and we have made sure this was the same for pets. All the benefits of the cannabis plant with no psychoactive properties and safe for all pets. 

Also, remember that CBD is in no way a magic cure for underlying health problems, and regular vet checks are important to keep your pet happy and healthy. We also include COAs (Certificates of Analysis) with all our products and keep ingredients minimal in our pet tinctures to ensure your furry family members are receiving a safe, premium full spectrum pet CBD oil. Pick up some products your pets are sure to love, and keep an eye out for more new products coming your way in the future!

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Love thees guys!! Would not shop anywhere else for a quality product. The mint is my favorite, and is now part of my nightly routine. I have also gifted the lotion / drops to my family and they all rave about it! Thanks Justin!
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Excellent quality and pricing. These people know what they are doing. I found a product that works great for me and I encourage you to give it a shot. I definitely will be placing more orders soon!
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Best CBD / Hemp products in Northern Colorado. Certified organic, locally and sustainably sourced, manufactured and extracted. Their products have worked great for me and my dogs. I highly recommend them.
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